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KB6MWXUnited States2012-02-1112:54 --EchoL59

Feb 25, 2012Posted by CX6CAU


Walking through the streets of Tel-Aviv I saw this magnificent well made quad antenna.
For the size of the antenna, I think is for TV, but it gave me a lot of ideas to make my own.


Oct 30, 2011Posted by CX6CAU


Today during a trip to Saléve (in the French side of the border with Switzerland near Geneva), I had the privilege to visit some ham radio colleagues. It was the F8KCF radio station and they were doing contacts during a DX contest. I felt very excited since I haven't touch a radio for a while and the statics sounds like music to my ears.
You can see the pictures that I've took here.
Thanks guys for showing me your rigs!!!

Dec 20, 2010Posted by CX6CAU


The new mast is set and ready. I changed the VHF vertical antenna because the wind finally broke it. The new antenna is a 5/8 wave Walmar SR-2. It is a bit shorter than the Diamond CP22E and with less gain but it was what I had on hand. The other important thing, besides the mast being much taller, is that it can hold three dipoles or one dipole and the multiband antenna to work more bands. I hope to make a lot of DXs.

New rig Close up new rig SR-2 VHF 5/8 Walmar